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I couldn't be happier with the services provided by Alpine Auto Detailing! I own a mobile pet grooming business, and needless to say- the inside of my truck gets FILTHY. There are so many surfaces and areas, little cracks and crevices where dirt, grime, and fur build up. Usually I spend an entire day scrubbing it with a tooth brush from top to bottom. As Iím sure you can imagine, this is not my favorite job. So Iíve hired a few people in the past to try. None of them have ever matched up to my standards when I do it myself. Then, I ran into Tyler. I decided to give him a shot. I was SO IMPRESSED with his attention to detail. He was quick and efficient. He did a fantastic job (maybe even *better* than when I do it myself) and he was so pleasant and professional to work with. What he provided to me was not only something practical that I needed, but I got to rest that day instead of spending my ďday offĒ cleaning. It was so wonderful! I will be a client for life, and will be referring him to my friends!!!

Date of Posting: Friday-Dec-14-2012
Posted By: Deanne Stowers
United States

I would just like to thank Tyler personally for the fantastic job he did detailing my car. It had been years since my car had been professionally cleaned and my hopes were not high. Tyler finished my car and I was amazed at the job he did. He brought the interior of my car back to life. I cannot thank him enough for the quality job he did and his professionalism. I will be recommending him to all of my friends and family. Thanks Tyler.

Date of Posting: Tuesday-Sep-25-2012
Posted By: Rob Kleinberg
Boulder CO

Tyler came to my house to detail two cars of mine. He was able to remove the majority of scratches from my paint that were fairly deep, and he took out a few stains from my carpet that I thought would never come out. Overall I was very pleased with the results and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. It is easy to see that he takes pride in his work and enjoys what he does. I will definitely be calling him in the near future. Thanks Tyler!

Date of Posting: Wednesday-Jul-11-2012
Posted By: Alison

Customer Service, attention to detail and integrity are often overused expressions. Not in Alpine Auto Detailing and Tyler Clarks case. He exemplifies all those qualities.

We have been buying, restoring, appraising and marketing classic and contemporary cars for over 40 years. There are none of our cars we wouldn't trust Tyler with. He is completely Trustworthy. We hope he continues to work with us for a long time.

Ben, Chris, Nick, Kim and Bill Bunch
Boulder, Co.

Date of Posting: Sunday-Jan-22-2012
Posted By: Bill Bunch/ Boulder Motors

My experience with Alpine Auto Detailing could not have been better.
Tyler detailed my car just prior to selling it, and made the process of getting it sold much easier. Everything was shining like new on a 10 year old car. I was so impressed with the work he did on that one, that I hired him again to get my new purchase shining as well. I recommended these services to my friends and coworkers, and everyone has come out of it happy.
Keep up the good work Tyler!!

Date of Posting: Wednesday-Oct-12-2011
Posted By: Ben Geesaman

You won't find a more caring, honest, diligent, or courteous person to care for your car or do business with. I highly recommend Tyler and his service!

Date of Posting: Sunday-Oct-02-2011
Posted By: Jim Weidlein
Boulder, CO

Tyler came to my home - how convenient is that!!I was shocked at just how "brand new" my 2004 Envoy looked after Tyler completed the job. My vehicle is black and very faded and lots of scratches, no shine at all. Now it is unbelievable both inside and out. He was prompt, responded quickly and an all around VERY NICE GUY. You won't be sorry if you use his services. He's a ***** 5 Stars operation!

Date of Posting: Friday-Sep-02-2011
Posted By: Courtney

Tyler got his start at our family car dealership, and we felt the loss of his services immediately!!! He truly takes pride in what he does and is one of the hardest worker we've had. He is a very fair and honest person and is missed dearly here at Sprinkler Used Cars!!!

Date of Posting: Tuesday-Aug-02-2011
Posted By: Mike L

I had Tyler detail my Yukon Denali XL and he did an excellent job. I will absolutley use him in the future to detail my cars.

I highlly recommend Tyler and will be referring my friends and colleagues to him in the future.

Date of Posting: Thursday-Jul-28-2011
Posted By: Brian Biffle
Lafayette, CO

I have a truck that is 5 years old and had never been detailed. After Tyler was done, it was as if the truck was showroom new. Could not be happier or more impressed.

Date of Posting: Thursday-Jul-28-2011
Posted By: Gabe Leap

I was headed to Erie to drop off my pets at a friends house, so they could watch them while I was on vacation. I needed my truck cleaned BADLY, and needed a mobile detailer. I emailed Tyler, he was prompt, courteous and got me a quote the same day.
Upon my return, my truck looked BETTER than the day I picked it up from the dealer... he's a hard worker and understands what it takes to do the job correctly. He's earned my business, and also my pet sitters too. THANK YOU TYLER!

Date of Posting: Tuesday-Jul-26-2011
Posted By: Heather Curtis
Southern Colorado

Tyler Clark cares about the quality of his craft and dedicates himself towards remarkable results. He knows what he is doing and carries himself professionally. I have 20 years in automotive reconditioning experience and easily see Tyler's enjoyment in what he is doing. He will do very well for his customers.

Date of Posting: Friday-Jul-15-2011
Posted By: Michael Hand
Louisville, CO

After trucking around in the mountains of Montana and Colorado for a few years, my 2003 Durango had accumulated quite a bit of wear and tear. The paint was faded, I had a number of scratches, and the interior was what you would expect from an SUV that was actually used as an SUV.

So when I got a detail from Alpine Auto, I was simply stunned by the results. I can honestly say my truck had not looked that good since the day I bought it. The paint was brought back to glossy shine that I had assumed would never be returned. Many of the scratches seemed to disappear and the car continues to look great months later because of his waxing process.

I had held out less hope for the interior. Thatís why I was even more impressed with the results. After Tylerís detail and some new floor mats I felt like I was sitting in the same car I sat in the day I bought it, almost 110,000 miles ago.

On top of all of this, Tyler, the owner, is a trustworthy, down-to-earth, reasonable person that is eager to do a great job. He takes pride in his work and I am happy to support such a great small business like his. I highly recommend his services.

Date of Posting: Wednesday-Jul-13-2011
Posted By: Travis Gordon
Boulder, CO

Alpine Auto Detailing is just what my car (and I) needs! Tyler is prompt, courteous and the definition of "Customer Service". His state of the art equipment and on site service, along with his hard work, make Alpine Auto Detailing the best thing since sliced bread!
No more sitting at the car wash for me!

Nancy Baxter
Loveland, CO

Date of Posting: Wednesday-Jul-13-2011
Posted By: Nancy Baxter
Loveland, CO

Tyler detailed two of my vehicles and two more for my friiends. All of the cars turned out looking better than new and the cost was well worth the final results. He will be doing more work for not only myself, but more for friends that observed the end results. Highly recommend him and his work..

Date of Posting: Tuesday-Jul-12-2011
Posted By: Chuck Cramer
Littleton, Co.

Tyler has detailed my '96 BMW twice now and has done a great job both times. His mobile service is so convenient-I can have it done at my office and walk out to a sparkling clean car.

The wax job is incredible. It seems to stay cleaner a lot longer.

Give Tyler at Alpine a try. You won't be dissappointed.

Date of Posting: Monday-Jul-11-2011
Posted By: Ann Collins
Boulder, CO

Tyler, thank you so much for your great job you did detailing my Subaru. I have never detailed my own car before but needed a great job before I put it up for sale. I couldn't believe the results, you made the car look brand new. The Car sold within a week. I would recommend this service without hesitation to anyone looking for someone to detail their car. Thanks for a convenient and professional service.

Date of Posting: Monday-Jul-11-2011
Posted By: Evan Kluding
Boulder, Co

Dear Tyler:

Elaine and I want to thank you for the great work you did detailing our Subaru and Lexus. They look like new vehicles (really!)

The exteriors are terrific.You were able to remove many of the scratches and door dings. I had considered having the Lexus repainted but your detailing job has made this unnecessary. You were exremely thorough and, as opposed to my former detailing attempts, left no wax and cleaner in the hard to remove areas.

The interiors have not been this clean since they were newly purchased.

You have a great service. The convenience of having the detailing done at our home is unsurpassed.

We plan to have you do an annual detailing of our cars and would recommend you, without reservation, to any of your prospective customers.

We wish you great success in your business. However, with the service you provide and the quality of your work, we are certain that your success is assured.

Best regards,

Elaine and Bill Hemphill

Date of Posting: Monday-Jul-11-2011
Posted By: Bill and Elaine Hemphill
Boulder, CO

Dear Tyler,
First of all, I want to congratulate you on winning "Best New Business in Boulder". You deserve it!

I was so impressed with the detail you did on my BMW. I really liked the special wax job. It repels dirt and water and my car has looked freshly washed for over a month.

I have never detailed my cars before although I thought I took good care of them. But the difference you made at the reasonable amount you charged will assure that I become a regular customer.

Please feel free to use me as a reference any time you need one. I was so impressed with the job you did and the convenience of your mobile service.

Date of Posting: Monday-Jul-11-2011
Posted By: Martha Rimel
Boulder, CO

I have been using Tyler at Alpine for the last 9 months and have been pleased every time. He takes his time and has a vast array of cleaning solutions and materials that makes your car look brand new. Smells, spills, sun damage and tar debris have all been remedied in my 11 year old car. His wax also lasts longer than any wax i have used.

Date of Posting: Monday-Jul-11-2011
Posted By: Alex Falconer
Boulder, Co

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